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Pandorea pandorana

Wonga-wonga Vine
Evergreen, Vines, Flowers


Twining vines noted for clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers and for rich green, glossy, divided leaves; the foliage is so attractive that the plants look lovely even when out of bloom. Perform best in good, organically enriched soil. Blooms are borne on previous year’s growth; prune to shape or thin vines after flowering.

Pandorea pandorana

Native to Australia, Pacificislands. More vigorous thanP. jasminoides, covering twice the space; give it plenty of room. Small (to 3/4 in. long), unscented spring flowers are typically creamy white, often spotted brownish purple in the throat. ‘Golden Showers’ has golden yellow blossoms. Tougher, more wind-resistant, and less susceptible to freeze damage than P. jasminoides. Moderate water.

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