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Pseudolarix amabilis, photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo
Pseudolarix amabilis, photo courtesy of Rob Cardillo

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Zones 2-7, 14-17
Full Sun
Regular Water

Pseudolarix amabilis

Golden Larch
Deciduous, Trees

Where space permits, golden larch becomes a specimen tree of great character. This Chinese native grows very slowly intoa 40–70-ft. pyramid, nearly asbroad as tall at the base. Foliage has a feathery look; needles are clustered in tufts except near pendulous branch ends, where they are single. Needles open light green, mature to bluishgreen, then turn a magnificentgolden yellow very briefly inautumn before dropping. Cones and bare branches present an interesting pattern in winter. Needs shelter from cold winds. Best in deep, rich, well-drained, acid soil; performance is better in colder part of range.

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