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Psilostrophe, photo courtesy of Cristina Lichti/Alamy
Psilostrophe, photo courtesy of Cristina Lichti/Alamy

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Zones vary by species.
Full Sun
Minimal Water


Paper Flower

Perennials, Flowers

The 1-in. yellow flowers onthese short-lived, moundingperennials become papery andtan as they dry in place. Theyextend the show but eventuallygive plants a ragged look thatis easily corrected with lightshearing.

Flowers peak in spring, with repeat bloom coming after summerrains or irrigation (but regularwatering reduces bloom, andpoor drainage kills the plants).

Psilostrophe cooperi

Native to 2,000–5,000-ft. elevations in the desertmountains of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and northern Mexico. Grows into a mound 12–18 in. tall and twice as wide, with whitish stems and narrow green leaves.

Psilostrophe tagetina

Native to 4,000–7,000-ft. elevations in desert mountains of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and northern Mexico. Grows into a 2-ft. mound. Similar to P. cooperi, but with slightly larger leaves. Self-sows.

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