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Native to the subtropics and tropics, Pteris includes many small evergreens that are usedin dish gardens, but those thatfollow are large enough for landscape use.

Pteris cretica, photo courtesy of Richard Shiell
Pteris cretica, photo courtesy of Richard Shiell

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Pteris cretica

Easy to grow. Reaches 2 1/2 ft. high and 2 ft. wide, with thin fronds and long, narrow leaflets. Can naturalize in Southern California. Numerousvarieties available, some with forked or crested fronds, others variegated. ‘Albolineata’ (P. c. albolineata, P. nipponica) has a broad white band down the center of each leaflet. ‘Mayi’ is like ‘Albolineata’ but with crested tips.

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