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Pterocarya stenoptera (photo courtesy of Richard Shiell)
Pterocarya stenoptera (photo courtesy of Richard Shiell)

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Zones 4-24
Full Sun
Regular Water

Pterocarya stenoptera

Chinese Wingnut
Deciduous, Trees

From China. Grows fast to 40–90 ft. tall and 30–50 ft. wide, with heavy, wide-spreading limbs. Clearly shows its kinship to walnuts in its leaves: 8–16 in. long and divided into many finely toothed, oval leaflets.

Foot-long clusters of small, single-seeded, winged nuts hang from branches. Good looking but has only one real virtue: it succeeds well in compacted, poorly aerated soil in play yards and other high-traffic areas. Aggressive roots make it unsuitable in garden or lawn.

P. fraxinifolia, Caucasian wingnut, is similar but has slightly larger leaflets and longer nut clusters.

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