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Quercus engelmannii

Engelmann Oak, Mesa Oak, Pasadena Oak

Evergreen, Trees


Appearance and hardiness of Oaks vary widely, but all produce acorns preceded by inconspicuous flowers. Single nuts are more or less enclosed in a cuplike cap covered with many closely set scales. In some species, the acorns are edible,with a sweet flavor. Some oaks are widely planted over large areas, while others have a limited range

Quercus engelmannii

Native toSouthern California. Spreadinghabit to 40–50 ft. tall, oftentwice as wide. Thick, leathery,dull bluish green, oval or oblongleaves; wavy surfaced or flat,usually smooth edged. Oval tocylindrical, round-tipped acornsto 1 1/4 in. long are half-enclosedin a warty cap. Tree grows bestwith monthly deep soakings inwarm season, but don’t keep itconstantly moist. In its nativearea, it has the same cherishednative status as the more widespreadQ. agrifolia. Not susceptibleto sudden oak death.

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