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Rhus virens

Evergreen Sumac
Evergreen, Shrubs, Decorative fruit or berries


Of the ornamental sumacs, deciduous kinds are extremely hardy to cold; they are noted for brilliant fall leaf color and, on female plants, showy clusters of (usually) red fruits that attract birds. They tend to produce suckers, especially if their roots are disturbed by cultivation.

Evergreen species are less hardy.

All sumac species thrive in almost any soil, as long as drainage is good (soggy soils can kill them). Poison oak and poison ivy were once members of the genus Rhus, but they have been reclassified as Toxicodendron.

Rhus virens

Native to southeasternArizona, New Mexico,Texas, and Mexico. To 12 ft. talland wide, with dark greenleaves divided featherwise intofive to nine 1 1/2-in. leaflets.White spring and summer flowers(not showy) are followed bysmall, berrylike red fruit. Toleratesopen shade, making it agood choice for an understoryplant beneath tall trees.

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