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Rudbeckia lacinata

Perennials, Flowers


The showy garden rudbeckias that brighten summer and fall borders are descended from wild plants native mainly to the eastern U.S. All are tough and easy to grow. Blossoms have yellow or orange rays and a raised central cone. They make good cut flowers; cutting also encourages rebloom late in season. Divide perennials when they become crowded, usually every few years

Rudbeckia lacinata

Thespecies can reach 10 ft. talland 4 ft. wide; it has light green,deeply lobed leaves to 4 in.long and blooms from summerto fall, bearing 2–3 1/2-in.-wideflowers with drooping yellowrays and a green cone. Morewidely grown in gardens are thefollowing two selections. ‘Goldquelle’,with double blooms inlemon yellow, is a less aggressiveform growing to 3 ft. highand 1 1/2 ft. wide. ‘Herbstsonne’(‘Autumn Sun’) grows to 6 ft.tall and 2 ft. wide; bears single,4–5-in.-wide flowers with yellowrays and a bright green conethat ages to yellow.

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