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Ruellias have opposite leavesand flaring, bell-shaped flowerswith five shallow lobes. Beyondtheir hardiness range, they arecommonly grown in greenhouses.

Ruellia brittoniana, photo courtesy of Mark Turner
Ruellia brittoniana, photo courtesy of Mark Turner

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Ruellia brittoniana

Mexican native naturalizedin many areas of the southernand southwestern U.S. To3 ft. high; initially 1–1 1/2 ft.wide, but can be invasive andshould be contained (by an edging,for example). Narrow darkgreen leaves to 3 in. long, 3/4 in.wide; 2-in.-long, lavender-blueflowers throughout warm timesof year. ‘Chi Chi’ has soft pinkblossoms. ‘Katie’ is a dwarf(10–12 in.), noninvasive variety.‘Blanca’ (white flowers) and‘Rosa’ (pink flowers) have narrowleaves, grow about 1 ft.high. Regular water.

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