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Salvia 'Dara's Choice'

Evergreen, Shrubs, Flowers


All sages have square stems and whorls of two-lipped flowers, either distinctly spaced along flower stalks or so tightly crowded that they look like one dense spike; some species have branched inflorescences. Flower colors range from white and yellow through salmon and pink to scarlet and pure red, from pale lavender to true blue and darkest purple. A few sages have fragrant blossoms. Many have aromatic foliage. Sages attract hummingbirds, bees, butterflies.

Salvia 'Dara's Choice'

A hybrid between S. sonomensisand S. mellifera. Bushy, spreading,to 2–3 ft. high and 3–6 ft.wide, rooting where it touchesthe ground. Lance-shapedleaves are medium green witha grayish cast. Tight whorls ofviolet-blue, 1/2-in. spring flowersare widely spaced along many6–12-in. stems. Good as bankcover or draped over a wall.Plant is sometimes subject toverticillium wilt; some branchesdie, but plant usually survives.Best in areas with coastal influence.Drought-tolerant. Hybrid‘Mrs. Beard’ has grayer foliage,lower growth (to 2 ft. high), palelavender flowers; it is not proneto verticillium wilt.

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