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Salvia mellifera

Black Sage, Honey Sage

Evergreen, Shrubs, Flowers

Native tocoastal California and Baja California.To 3–6 ft. tall, 3–5 ft. ormore wide; upright to spreading.Oblong to lance-shaped,deeply veined, aromatic leaves;olive-tinged dark green above,woolly gray beneath. In latespring, bears tightly packedwhorls of whitish or lavender-tingedflowers less than 1/2 in.long on 8–16-in.-long stems.Not spectacular-looking, butbutterflies and bees love it.Good cover for dry banks.Drought-tolerant. Will standsome shade. ‘Green Carpet’grows 30 in. high, 6 ft. wide,with blue flowers. ‘Terra Seca’is an extra-tough variety to 2 ft.high, more than 6 ft. wide.

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