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Satureja montana, photo courtesy of Rob D. Brodman
Satureja montana, photo courtesy of Rob D. Brodman

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Zones 3-11, 14-24
Full Sun
Regular Water

Satureja montana

Winter Savory

Herbs, Perennials, Shrubs


These annual and perennial plants are grown as herbal remedies and for culinary use.

Satureja montana

Fromsouthern Europe. To 15 in. highand 2 ft. wide. Stiff, narrow toroundish leaves; not as delicatein flavor as summer savory.Use leaves fresh or dried; clipat start of flowering seasonfor drying. Blooms profusely insummer, bearing whorls ofsmall white to lilac flowers thatare attractive to bees. Use inrock garden, as dwarf clippedhedge in herb garden (spaceplants 1 1/2 ft. apart). Grow inlight, well-drained soil. Cut backas needed to keep compact.Full sun. Moderate water.

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