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Many species of Solanum are poisonous if ingested; most are suspect

Solanum xantii

Evergreen, Shrubs


In addition to eggplant and potato (described under those names), Solanum includes a number of ornamental plants. All have small, star-shaped, five-petaled blue or white flowers with reproductive parts that form a pointed yellow structure in the blossom’s center. A few of the species produce decorative fruit—usually poisonous; if the fruit is not described as edible, you are better off not sampling it.

Solanum xantii

Evergreen shrub, from California. Erect or sprawling to 2–3 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide. Ovate green leaves to 1 3/4 in. long. Purple, 1-in. flowers in late winter, spring. Superior forms include ‘Mountain Pride’ and ‘Salmon Creek’. Little or no water.

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