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Sophora arizonica

Evergreen, Shrubs, Flowers


Handsome flowering trees with showy, drooping clusters of sweet pea-shaped blossoms. Seed pods are constricted between the seeds, giving them a bead-necklace look. Leaves are divided into many leaflets. Provide good drainage.

Sophora arizonica

Nativeto Arizona. Grows slowly to 3–10 ft. tall and wide. Dark gray-greenleaves have five to nine1/2–1-in.-long leaflets. Clustersof 1–1 1/4-in., purple to lavenderflowers in spring are followed by4–7-in.-long seedpods. Use asan informal hedge, in borders.Takes heat. Tolerates droughtbut does better with moderateto regular water applied deeplyduring hot months.

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