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False Spirea
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Green, ferny-looking leaves are finely divided into many narrow, toothed leaflets. Bloom from mid- to late summer, producing big, plumelike clusters of tiny white or creamy flowers at branch ends. Flowers mature into brown seed clusters; cut off faded blossoms unless you like the look of brown plumes. Use in large shrub borders or at the edge of woodlands or near water; the effect is almost tropical. These shrubs spread by suckering and will cover large areas if not curbed.

Sorbaria sorbifolia (photo courtesy of David Cavagnaro)
Sorbaria sorbifolia (photo courtesy of David Cavagnaro)

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Sorbaria sorbifolia

Native to eastern Asia. Grows to 3–8 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide. Leaves are 6–12 in. long; flower plumes to 1 ft. long.

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