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Spirea 'Bridal wreath'
Spirea 'Bridal wreath'

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Zones 1-9, 14-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Ample WaterRegular Water
Ample, Moderate

Spiraea douglasii

Western Spiraea
Deciduous, Shrubs, Flowers


There are two distinct kinds of spireas: the bridal wreath type, with clusters of white flowers cascading down arching branches in spring or early summer; and the shrubby type, with pink, red, or white flowers clustered at branch ends in summer to fall. Blossoms on both types are usually single.

Spiraea douglasii

Native to Coastal Ranges fromNorthern California to BritishColumbia, eastward to RockyMountains. Forms a clump 3–6 ft. tall and wide; suckersfreely and can be invasive. Narrowlyoblong leaves are darkgreen above and velvety whitebeneath; they turn yellowish infall. Pale to deep purplish pinkflowers in long (to 8 in.), narrowclusters at branch ends in summer.Needs acid soil, regular toample water. Useful for wildplantings near streams.

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