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Strobilanthus dyeranus, photo courtesy of Susan A. Roth
Strobilanthus dyeranus, photo courtesy of Susan A. Roth

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Zones 23, 24, H1, H2
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Strobilanthus dyeranus

Persian Shield

Native to Burma, this beautifulfoliage plant will overwinter inmostly frost-free areas but canbe used as an annual almostanywhere. Grows to 4 ft. talland 3 ft. wide; soft stems morelike a perennial than a shrub.Broadly oval, pointed leaves are6–8 in. long, somewhat puckered,dark green but richly variegatedwith purple and silveryblue tints. Leaf undersides arebright purple. Pale violet, tubularflowers come in summer in1–1 1/2-in. spikes less showythan the foliage. Needs richsoil. Becomes straggly with age;pinch regularly, replace, or startover from cuttings. May survivetemperatures slightly belowfreezing if heavily mulched inlate fall; or grow in containersand move to shelter in winter.Can be overwintered indoors ina sunny window.

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