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Ugni molinae, photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library
Ugni molinae, photo courtesy of Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library

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Zones 14-24
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Ugni molinae

Chilean Guava
Evergreen, Edible fruit, Shrubs

South American native grownfor foliage, flowers, and fruit.Slow to moderate growth to 3–6 ft. tall and wide. Scraggly andopen in youth but has a compact,rounded form whenmature. Small, oval, leatheryleaves are dark green withbronze tints above, whitishbeneath; edges are slightly rolled under. Rose-tinted whiteflowers resembling little bottlebrushesappear in late spring,early summer. These are followedby purplish or reddish,1/2-in., pleasant-tasting fruit thatsmells like apples and can beeaten fresh or used in jams andjellies. Tidy, restrained plant forpatios, terraces, near walks andpaths. Give neutral to acid soil.For related plants that aregrown primarily for fruit, seeFeijoa sellowiana and Guava.

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