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Veronica hybrids


Perennials, Flowers


Handsome plants ranging from less than an inch tall to 2 ft. in height. Masses of small (1/4- to 1/2 in.-wide) flowers in white, rose, pink, or pale to deep blue make an effective display. Use in borders and rock gardens. Prostrate kinds are good between stepping-stones, as bulb covers. Veronica (a perennial) is often confused with Hebe (a shrub).

Veronica hybrids

The followingare among the best varieties.Regular water, except as noted.

‘Blue Reflection’. Zones 2–9,14–21. Forms a gray-green foliagemat to 3 in. high and 1 1/2 ft.wide, covered with blue flowersin midspring. Little to moderatewater.

‘Goodness Grows’. Zones1–7, 14–17. To 1 ft. high andwide. Violet-blue blossoms overlong bloom period—from latespring to frost, if old flowers areremoved.

‘Sunny Border Blue’. ZonesA2, A3; 1–9, 14–21. Compact,clump-forming plant to 1 1/2–2 ft.high, 1 ft. wide, with crinkleddark green leaves. Spires ofdark violet-blue flowers appearin late spring or early summer;deadheading prolongs the showuntil frost.

Waterperry Blue’ (‘Waterperry’).Zones 2–9, 14–21. Low,trailing plant to 4–6 in. high and1 1/2 ft. or more wide; roots as itspreads. Small, rounded, bronze-tintedleaves. Loose clustersof pale blue flowers veined indeeper blue; main bloom inspring, with sporadic floweringthroughout summer and fall.

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