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Viburnum macrocephalum

Chinese Snowball

Deciduous, Shrubs, Trees, Flowers


Large, diverse group of plants with generally oval, often handsome leaves and clusters of typically white, sometimes fragrant flowers. Blossoms are usually followed by single-seeded, often brilliantly colored fruit much appreciated by birds. Many viburnums are grown for their flower display, a few for their showy fruit. Many evergreen types are valuable as foliage plants. Several species can be grown as small trees.

Viburnum macrocephalum

Deciduous in coldest areas, nearly evergreen elsewhere. This species originated in cultivation (not in the wild). Rounded habit to 12–20 ft. tall and wide. Dull green leaves, oval to oblong. Spectacular big, rounded, 6–8-in. flower clusters bloom in spring (or anytime during warm weather); they are composed of sterile flowers that start out lime green and change to white. No fruit. Can be espaliered. V. m. keteleeri, wild form from China, has sterile and fertile flowers in a lacecap effect; sometimes produces fruit.

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