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Xanthorrhoea preissii, photo courtesy of Visions BV, Netherlands
Xanthorrhoea preissii, photo courtesy of Visions BV, Netherlands

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Zones 12-24
Full Sun
Minimal Water


Grass tree

Perennials, Trees

This Australian native producesdense tufts of narrow, grasslike,2–4-ft.-long leaves that radiatefrom the top of a thick, woody,nearly black, slow-growing stem.Foliage mass stays at about3–5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide for manyyears, but as stem graduallylengthens, plant height eventuallyincreases to 12–15 ft.Sometimes blooms; white flowersare borne in a dense, narrowspike on a tall stem thatincreases the plant’s height further.X. preissii and X. quadrangulataare similar species. Bestused with yuccas or with agavesor other succulents in dry,loose, sandy soil.

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