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Camellia sasanqua

Evergreen, Shrubs


Native to eastern and southern Asia. There are over 3,000 named kinds, and the range in color, size, and form is remarkable. The genus includes the plant from which we get tea, but most garden plants are robust shrubs that flower in winter or spring.


Camellia sasanqua
Camellia sasanqua

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Camellia sasanqua


Useful broadleafed evergreens for espaliers, ground covers, informal hedges, screening, containers, and bonsai. Plants vary in form from spreading and vinelike to upright and densely bushy; sizes range from 1 1/2 ft. high and 6 ft. wide to 12 ft. tall and wide. Leaves are dark green, shiny, 1 1/2–3 1/2 in. long, a third as wide. Flowers, heavily produced in autumn and early winter, are short lived, rather flimsy, but so numerous that plants make a show for months. Some are lightly fragrant.

Most sasanquas tolerate much sun, and some will thrive in full hot sun with the right soil and regular water. The sasanquas are hardy in camellia areas of Pacific Northwest, but flowers are too often damaged by fall and winter rains and frost to call them successful.


'Apple Blossom'

Single white flowers blushed with pink, from pink buds. Upright, somewhat leggy plant.


Blooms early. Scarlet-red semidouble flowers. Low-growing, spreading plant.

'Jean May'

Double, shell pink flowers. Compact, upright grower with glossy foliage.


Large semidouble flowers of rose pink shading to rose red at petal edges. Erect growth habit.


Large, white semidouble flowers with ruffled petals. Blossoms have substance; cut sprays hold well in water. Upright and rather bushy shrub.

'White Doves'

Large, full semidouble to peony-form flower. Drops many buds. Spreading, willowy growth makes it effective as espalier.


A profusion of small, single, bright red flowers with yellow anthers appears on this dense, compact, upright plant as early as November, as late as early spring.

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