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Campanula 'Cup and Saucer'
Campanula 'Cup and Saucer'

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Zones 1-9, 14-24, 31-45
Partial Sun
Regular Water

Campanula isophylla

Italian Bellflower, Star Of Bethlehem
Campanulaceae (Lobeliaceae)
Ground covers, Perennials, Flowers


Vast and varied group (about 300 species) encompassing trailers, creeping or tufted miniature perennials, and erect kinds 1 to 6 ft. high or taller. Usually, flower stalks rise above basal leaf rosettes; basal leaves often differ from stem leaves. The perennial species tend to spread indefinitely from the root; width depends mainly on vigor of their rootstocks and time they have been in one spot. Flowers are generally bell shaped, though some are star shaped, cupped, or round and flat. Bloom comes at some time from spring to fall, depending on species. Most species are grown fairly easily from seeds sown in spring or early summer.

Campanula isophylla

Trailing or hanging soft stems to 2 ft. long, becoming woody at base. Round or heart shaped, light green, toothed, leaves, 1–1 1/2 in. long and wide. Loose clusters of upward-facing, 1-in.-wide stars in white or light blue, depending on variety. Blooms in late summer, fall (nearly year-round in mildest climates).

Good in hanging baskets, wall pots, top of walls, or rock gardens in filtered shade. Choice ground cover for small areas on slopes in mild-winter climates. Indoor/outdoor plant where winters are cold.

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