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Cassia fistula
Cassia fistula

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Zones 25, 27, H2
Full Sun
Minimal Water

Cassia fistula

Golden Shower, Yellow Shower
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)


The genus Cassia once included many yellow-flowered trees and shrubs now reclassified as Senna (see that entry), though some are still sold under their old names. These cassias are showy flowering trees that brighten landscapes in the warmest climates—not just with yellow blooms but also with pink, cerise, and white ones. Flowering dates are approximate, since plants may bloom at any time or bloom intermittently over a long period. Most have long, round seedpods that can present a litter problem. Plant in soil that is well drained. Prune plants when young (to develop a strong framework) and as needed after flowering.

Cassia fistula

From India. To 30–40 ft. high and 35 ft. wide. Prized for long, pendent yellow flower clusters borne from spring to fall. Medium green leaves are divided into 4–8 pairs of leaflets. A specimen for garden, park, street planting. Good drought tolerance; flowers best in hot, dry locations. Takes little water.

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