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Cestrum elegans (photo courtesy of San Marcos Growers)
Cestrum elegans (photo courtesy of San Marcos Growers)

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Zones 13, 17, 19-27, H1, H2
Fruit and sap are poisonous if ingested.

Cestrum elegans

Red Cestrum
Evergreen, Shrubs, Decorative fruit or berries


All native to the American tropics. Those in cultivation have showy clusters of tubular flowers attractive to hummingbirds. Showy fruit that follows can also attract birds. Fast growing with an arching, lax habit that benefits from consistent pruning and pinching back. Best in warm, sheltered spots. May be cut back severely after flowering or fruiting. Responds well to feeding and organic soil amendments. Frost damage with quick recovery possible in climates specified for each species.

Cestrum elegans

Vining shrub from Mexico. Grows to 10 ft. or greater in both height and width, with deep green, 4-in. leaves. Masses of purplish red blossoms in spring and summer are followed by red berries. ‘Smithii’ has pink flowers. Hummingbirds love the nectar, and birds love the fruit.

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