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Chamelaucium uncinatum
Chamelaucium uncinatum

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Zones 8, 9, 12-24
Full Sun
Regular WaterMinimal Water
Moderate, Minimal

Chamelaucium uncinatum

Geraldton Waxflower
Evergreen, Shrubs

Australian evergreen shrub that is sometimes sold as Chamelaucium ciliatum. Needlelike bright green leaves; showy sprays of pale pink or rosy, 1/2 -in. winter flowers cherished for arrangements of long-lasting beauty. Fast growth to 6 to 8 ft. (perhaps taller when staked) with equal spread. Light and airy, loose and sprawling in appearance; looks somewhat like open-growing heather (Calluna). Very old plants have interesting twisted trunks and shaggy bark.

Plant on dry, sunny bank or in cutting garden in fast-draining soil. Cut blooming stems freely for arrangements; or cut back after bloom. Seedling plants vary; select in bloom to get color you want. Named varieties include ‘Chinchilla’ (small, light pink flowers), ‘Eric John’ (pink), ‘Escondido Rose’ (reddish purple), ‘Purple Pride’ (deep rosy purple), ‘University’ (reddish purple), and ‘Vista’ (pink). Hybrid ‘Lady Stephanie’ has light rose blossoms.

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