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Chionanthus retusus
Chionanthus retusus

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Zones 2-6, 15-24, 28-41

Chionanthus virginicus

Fringe Tree
Deciduous, Shrubs, Trees


Spectacular flowering plants requiring some winter chill. Common name refers to narrow, fringelike white petals on flowers that are borne in impressive, ample, lacy clusters. Male and female plants are separate; males have larger flowers. If both plants are present, females produce clusters of small, dark, olivelike fruit favored by birds. Broad leaves turn bright to deep yellow in fall. To be given good drainage. Minimal pruning needed. Resist most pests and diseases, though fungal leaf spot and powdery mildew may occur.

Chionanthus virginicus

Native to southeastern U.S. Leaves and flower clusters often twice as big as those of Chionanthus retusus; blooms appear a few weeks later. Lightly fragrant, greenish white flowers. Can reach 30 ft. tall, but in gardens usually grows 12–20 ft. high with equal spread. Habit varies from very shrubby and open to more treelike. In Zones 2–6, where it grows very slowly (the most you can hope for is 12 ft. in 10 years), it is best used as an airy shrub; blooms profusely when just 2–3 ft. tall. In those zones, it is one of the last deciduous plants to leaf out in spring.

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