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Cibotium glaucum (photo courtesy of Thomas J. Story)
Cibotium glaucum (photo courtesy of Thomas J. Story)

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Zones 17, 23-25, 27, H2
Full SunPartial Sun
Full, Partial
Regular Water

Cibotium glaucum

Hapu‘u, Pulu, Hawaiian Tree Fern

Native to Hawaii, this is the most common tree fern found there. Very slow grower to 20 ft. tall, with the crown spreading to 15 ft. wide. Arching, intricately divided, 3–9-ft.-long fronds are medium green above, lighter green beneath. Silky, fawn-colored wool (pulu) shrouds the leaf bases and densely covers frond buds at the trunk tip.

Needs protection from strong winds. Best with moderate water but tolerates dry or moist conditions. Give it some shade in hot, dry areas. Prune to remove old or injured fronds.

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