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Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana'

Asteraceae (Compositae)


Easy-to-grow members of the sunflower family yielding a profusion of yellow, orange, maroon, or reddish flowers. Deadhead for longer bloom; use hedge shears to remove large numbers of spent blooms. Both annual and perennial kinds are easy to propagate—annuals from seed sown in place or in pots, perennials from seed or division. Plants tend to self-sow; seeds attract birds.

The species listed here are from the eastern and southern U.S. unless otherwise noted.

Coreopsis auriculata 'Nana'

Makes a 5–6-in. high mat of 2–5-in.-long leaves. Under ideal conditions, it will spread by underground runners to form a 2 ft. wide clump in a year. Bright orange-yellow, 1– 2 1/2 -in. flowers rise well above foliage; blooms profusely over a long season (from spring to fall) if you deadhead faithfully. Best used in front of taller plants, in borders, as edging.

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