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Coronilla varia
Coronilla varia

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Zones 1-24, 28-45
Full Sun
Regular Water

Coronilla varia

Crown Vetch
Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Deciduous, Ground covers, Perennials

Weedy European native related to peas, beans, and clovers. Creeping roots and rhizomes make it a tenacious groundcover. Sprawling stems to 2 ft. long are set with leaves divided into 11 to 25 oval, 1/2–3/4-in.-long leaflets. Lavender-pink flowers in 1-in. clusters bloom from summer into fall; these are followed by bundles of brown, finger-like seed pods. Dies to the ground in winter, even in mild climates. Too invasive and rank for flower beds; use it for covering erosion-prone banks and at garden fringes. Mow, feed, and—if rains are absent—irrigate in early spring for best appearance. Difficult to eliminate once established.

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