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Cymbalaria muralis ‘Nana’ (photo courtesy of Emerisa Gardens)
Cymbalaria muralis ‘Nana’ (photo courtesy of Emerisa Gardens)

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Zones 3B, 4-24, 31, 32, 34, 36-39
Partial SunNo Sun
Partial, Shade
Regular Water

Cymbalaria muralis

Kenilworth Ivy
Annuals, Ground covers, Perennials


European natives related to snapdragons (Antirrhinum). Not showy, but these perennials have their uses as small-scale groundcovers in cool, shady places or as decorations for terrariums or hanging baskets. In ground, can be invasive.

Cymbalaria muralis

Usually grown as an annual. Dainty creeper that may appear uninvited in shadier parts of the garden, sometimes even sprouting in chinks of stone or brick wall. Trailing stems root at joints. Smooth leaves are 1 in. wide or less, with three to seven toothlike lobes. Blooms mainly appear in spring, with small lilac-blue flowers carried singly on stalks a little longer than the leaves.

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