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These Mexican natives are spectacular vines for milder climates, reaching heights of 20–30 ft. Glossy leaves consist of two leaflets with a central, three-part tendril that plants use for climbing. All bear long-lasting, trumpet-shaped flowers. Plant in good, well-drained soil; provide sturdy support, since growth is dense and heavy. Prune in winter to thin stems and control size.

Distictis buccinatoria (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)
Distictis buccinatoria (photo courtesy of Linda Lamb Peters)

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Distictis buccinatoria

Oblong to oval leaflets 2–4 in. long. Clusters of 4-in.-long, yellow-throated flowers in orange-red fading to bluish red; blossoms stand out well from the vine. Blooms in bursts throughout the year when the weather warms. Give a protected site in the interior valleys of California.

Distictis ‘Rivers’

Plants sold under this name are nearly a match for Distictis buccinatoria in vigor and foliage and have flowers of about the same size that are mauve to purple with a yellow to orange throat. Sometimes labeled D. riversii.

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